Velehrad 2024 – programme

Křesťan a práce, z. s. Czech Republic
EZA-European Centre for Workers’ Questions

Programme of the KAP Seminar in Velehrad, September 20 to 22, 2024
Funded by the European Union as EZA project No. 40-02-24-SE
Inflation and loss of purchasing power

You can register for the seminar via this link:

Friday20. 9. 2024
10.00Registration of participants at Stojanov Pilgrimage House
12.30Lunch at Stojanov House
14.00Opening of the seminar, Slavonic Hall of Stojan´s Grammar School
KAP Chairman Jiří Konečný
Seminar guarantor Prof. Lubor Lacina, FBE MENDELU, KAP
14.15Panel 1, moderated by Radek Náplava, PhD., FBE MENDELU, KAP
Assoc. Prof. Lidmila Němcová, KAP board member – Inflation and consumer behaviour
dr. Michal Mádr, FBE MENDELU, KAP – Economic and political impacts of inflation
15.00Coffee break
15.30Prof. Richard Pospíšil, UPOL – Inflation phenomenon and living standard
16.15Assoc. Prof. Pavel Žufan, FBE MENDELU, KAP – Work inequalities in later life redefined by digitalization
16.35Marko-Bohdan Kalynyak, Andrii Levyk, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Sources of wealth and the concept of useful work
17.00Coffee break
17.30Mgr. Olga Rosenbergerová, vice-chair of EAPN in CZ – Lost in today’s world – Social cohesion and social state
18.00Assoc. Prof. Ľubica Černá, President of NKOS Slovakia – Impact of inflation on families – experience from Slovakia
18.30Dinner at Stojanov House
Saturday21. 9. 2024
7.30Breakfast at Stojanov House
8.30Departure by bus to Brno
10.00Panel 2, moderated by Prof. Lubor Lacina, KAP
Czech national bank, Brno – discussion session: Role of central banks in maintaining price stability
14.00Panel 3, moderated by Prof. Lubor Lacina, KAP
Villa Stiassni,
roundtable: Role of Czechoslovak currency and its stability in the between-war period and impact of German hyperinflation
17.00Departure back to Velehrad
19.30Dinner at Stojan´s Grammar School, Velehrad
Sunday22. 9. 2024
8.00Breakfast at Stojanov House
9.00Panel 4, moderated by Michal Mádr, Ph.D., FBE MENDELU, KAP
Opening word summarizing the first two days of the programme by Prof. Lacina
9.20Boleslav Vraný, PhD., KAP – Labour Division in the Church Social Teaching Context
10.00Coffee break
10.20Foreign participants’ panel
Miriam Catullo, KAB Aachen, Germany – Income sources and inflation
Maga. Gabriele Kienesberger, KABÖ Austria – Models and perspectives for a future of fair caring in the light of fair wages
Kazimierz Falak, Poznan University, Poland – Lessons from German inter-war hyperinflation
Mag. Barbara Mayrhofer, SIIAEC, KAV Wien, Austria – Modernized operations and stronger organization’s resilience by introducing new services
12.00Conclusions of the seminar
Jiří Konečný
Lubor Lacina
Pavel Žufan
12.30Lunch at Stojanov House
Departure of participants

Organizational information
Registration of participants: Stojanov Pilgrimage House, ground floor
Venue: Slavonic Hall of Stojan´s Grammar School
Catering and accommodation: Stojanov Pilgrimage House, dining room
Foreign participants: Skanzen Velehrad Hotel
Information Centre in Velehrad
Interpreting into English and German

Jiří Konečný, Chairman of KAP
Marie Čapková, Vice-Chairwoman of KAP
Lubor Lacina, seminar guarantor, KAP

You can register for the seminar via this link:

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